Hands Up For Syria

Educate today
rebuild tomorrow

Syria's children and young people are often described as its "lost generation". But it is our firm belief that this generation represents Syria’s hope for a brighter future. Education is the key to that transformation from shattered aspirations to hope. Yet today, half of Syrian refugee children are out of school.

Education gives young people the tools
 they need to rebuild their lives.

Education keeps children safe and
 gives them back their childhood.

The Asfari and Said Foundations support hundreds of children and young people to gain an education. We do so by funding organisations that are best equipped to deliver education to refugee and displaced Syrian children. We appeal to all those who share our belief in Syria's children to put their
Hands Up for Syria.

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the International Rescue Committee and Save the Children will be the equal beneficiaries of this appeal. All three have decades of experience. Between them, they cover the full spectrum of educational needs in Syria and the neighbouring countries, formal and informal, from early childhood to university.

Every penny donated will be matched by the two foundations and all appeal costs covered by our chairmen, Ayman Asfari and Wafic Said.

The Asfari and Said Foundations are delighted to be working on this appeal with the Hands Up Foundation, an innovative UK charity set up by young volunteers that successfully raises money for Syria. For further information on the appeal or if you would like to make a donation email: contact@handsupfoundation.org

  • The Asfari Foundation
  • The Saïd Foundation
  • Hands Up Foundation

The difference your
donation will make

Examples of the work your donation will support:

With £ 100,000 we can give 330 children a full year of
 schooling including school rehabilitation, teacher training,
 school kits, transportation and psychosocial support.

With £ 50,000 we can provide a year of professional
 development for 125 teachers, benefitting 2,500
 Syrian children.

With £ 25,000 we can give
 one year of education to 618 refugee girls.

With £ 10,000 we can support a Syrian refugee on
 a four year university degree in the region.